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Tax Preparation and Planning

We provide expertise tax preparation for individuals, partnerships, corporations, S-corporations, foundation, trusts and not-for-profit organizations. With the knowledge and experience dealing with constantly changing tax regulations for both federal and state & local, we provide you with the best solutions and insights for tax compliance.

FBAR/FATCA Compliance and International Taxation

We have been serving a lot of multinational individuals and businesses dealing with cross-border tax compliance. FBAR foreign account filing requirements have become a hot topic for IRS enforcement taskforce while the general public lacks sufficient knowledge for such compliance requirement.

Tax Matter Resolution

Our team will help clients deal with tax matters such as back taxes, unfiled tax returns, IRS audit, sales tax audit, payroll tax audit or similar tax issues with the tax authorities. With proper authorization via power of attorney filing, we will handle the matters on behalf of clients to get the tax resolution and settlements based on the facts and circumstances. We are here to help our clients to get back to their normal life and business.

Certified IRS Acceptance Agent

Our firm has been registered with IRS as a Certifying Acceptance Agent, who, pursuant to a written agreement with the IRS, is authorized to assist individuals and other foreign persons who do not qualify for a Social Security Number but who still need a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to file a Form 1040 and other tax schedules. The Certifying Acceptance Agent facilitates the application process by reviewing the necessary documents, authenticating the identity when able and forwarding the completed forms to IRS. Such service will provide non-US taxpayers with convenience and ease dealing with ITIN applications.

Small Business Accounting and Consulting

Our accounting expertise will help you select and set up the most effective and efficient accounting software for your business needs. This will allow you to spend more time expanding and growing your business. On the other hand, your accounting record will always be up-to-date for both your management needs and finance needs. You can always get the updated financial statements to the banks or your potential clients for due diligence purpose.

Business Consulting

For established businesses, our business consulting experts provide in-depth business analysis with benchmarking with the best industry practices. We help strengthen our clients’ finance and accounting departments by assisting in the setup of a proper chain of command, policies and workflows. We assist in implementation, training, outsourcing and recruiting. We focus on building intimate client relationships with trust and confidence while providing value-added services to the clients. Our success is built on helping our clients get into the market-leading position.

CFO and Controllership Advisory Services

With the changing accounting and tax landscape, growing businesses need to get their CFO or controllers fully equipped for the battles on a daily basis. Our team provides executive advisory services for strategic business and financial planning with in-depth scenario analysis, projections and executions.